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Staff Augmentation – The Next Step in Talent Acquisition?

With the increase in the use of contingent workers within organizations across the world becoming an imminent trend in recent years, many of these have manifested themselves in the form of working models, the most common being what is now known as Staff Augmentation. What is Staff Augmentation? The current trend dictating the rise of … Continue reading “Staff Augmentation – The Next Step in Talent Acquisition?”

A Journey Through Performance Testing

What is Performance Testing? Performance Testing in general, is a name given to tests that are used to check on how a system behaves and performs. It examines the responsiveness, scalability, stability, speed, reliability, and resource usage of your software and infrastructure. Different types of Performance Tests provide you with different data. Before conducting a … Continue reading “A Journey Through Performance Testing”

Achieving Product-Customer Fit Using a Value Proposition Canvas

The end goal of any entrepreneur is to generate profit through the products they are working on. To reach this goal these individuals simply need to ensure that the values they offer to the end customers through these products are needed and worth the customers spending their hard earned money on.  However, Simon.Kucher & Partners … Continue reading “Achieving Product-Customer Fit Using a Value Proposition Canvas”

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