Next-Gen Warehousing & Logistics

We partner with SME warehouse and logistics suppliers to modernize their businesses with technology-driven capabilities in preparation for major shifts in global supply chains.


Warehousing & Logistics For New Age Businesses

Core Features

We specialize in improving existing warehouse management systems by integrating a variety of features and functionalities into them. We have the expertise to integrate your system with warehouse and logistics technologies such as inventory inspection, automatic inventory-taking, dimensioning, and weighing devices. This would help your business streamline your inbound inventory management, outbound delivery management, and order fulfillment. We also provide you with business intelligence reporting and dashboards.

Extended Functionalities

We have a well-experienced development team to help you with upgrading your existing Warehouse Management System (WMS). Our Warehouse Management Solutions are capable of being customized to different warehouse operations like cross-border delivery, 3PL (3rd party logistics), Enterprise System Integration, Open Web Integration, Database Integration, and MQ System Integration.

Security and Performance

Security and access controls give your organization an added layer of security. Multi-factor authentication and role management help ensure that the correct people have access to your system. We help you achieve compliance with the ISO 27001 information security standard.

Mobility Management

Mobility management gives users mobile access to important features of the warehouse management system. A mobile solution can improve productivity and transparency.

Process Controls

Process controls like business workflow and capacity planning will help structure your organization and improve warehouse processes.

RFID Compliance

By implementing RFID technology into your warehouse operations you can improve inventory/cycle counting, real-time inventory monitoring, item search and identify misplaced items, as well as reduce labor/overhead costs.

Predictive Analysis

Gain insights and recommendations from past trends related to inventory management, order fulfillment, and delivery management. We help you translate your data into actionable insights and new business opportunities.

Dimensioning MQTT-based

Automated dimensioners can assist you with real-time size and weight information. This information is fed directly into your WMS software which analyzes it and provides recommendations for the best storage area.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OCR technology can save time and money when integrated into WMS software. Information from documents can be automatically scanned and shared with the WMS, saving the time needed to manually enter it.

Cognitive Vision Analytics

Use the latest in machine learning and machine vision to unlock actionable insights into your business. Analytics can be shared with the WMS to identify trends and make process improvements.

What Makes Us Different?

Increase Asset Visibility

Improving warehouse operations can improve warehouse productivity and significantly increase asset visibility.

Improve Employee Productivity

By implementing features like role management and capacity planning, it is possible to improve employee productivity significantly.

Mitigate Risks and Theft

Mitigate risk and theft by using secure systems of control.

Improved Inventory Control and Management

Warehouse management tools and software help you reach an optimum level of inventory control and management.

Availability of Data Analytics

Warehouse and inventory solutions help you store a vast amount of data that is easily accessible from anywhere, at any time.

Minimize Human Error

Warehouse management best practices minimize human error and assist with regulatory compliance.

Availability of Insights for Decision Making

New technology like RFID and Cognitive Vision for warehouses provides elaborate insights for business improvements.

Success Stories

“We came to Zone24x7 to help us replace an off-the-shelf warehouse management system that we had outgrown.

We knew we needed a system designed specifically for our unique services that could quickly be adapted with new strategies and operational changes. After sharing our current processes and future goals, Zone’s team truly made it their own. The team came to the warehouse and with their experience and incredible teamwork, provided a system that was tailored not just to our goals on paper, but to each individual user, which far exceeded our expectations.

Data migration and deployment were seamless, and we have been able to quickly expand with minimal training or effort. Our customer experience, satisfaction, and retention increased tremendously, as we were able to provide a much faster turnaround time and provide additional services that truly set us apart from the competition.

Working with Zone24x7 is like working with your own team. They bring so much experience and knowledge to the table.”

James Taylor
Shipping Cart – Operations Head

“Zone 24×7 has been a strategic and integral partner in the growth of through the years. As an organization, QUAD X prides itself on being technologically progressive, highly data-driven, and obsessively customer-centric, and we are very satisfied to find a great partner in Zone 24×7 who likewise exhibits these same values.

Zone 24×7 helped at a time when it was undergoing exponential growth when old systems and processes were starting to creak and break down more frequently, affecting operations productivity and customer experience. Zone introduced impressive solutions that combined best-in-class technology from related industries, hardware solutions that worked on the floor, and a very flexible software and support platform tailored to our workflow.

Examples of solutions that transformed the way we work in our warehouse operation include utilizing OCR technology to eliminate manual encoding, a mobile-based pick & pull solution that made our floor entirely paperless, and simple and very dummy-proof UX of all interfaces that increased personnel productivity, and one of the most important – was the integration to our analytics platform that allowed us to generate endless data points to automate reports and dashboards.

We are very pleased with our partnership. Their support and development teams have been like our own employees also with the level of collaboration we have. Their leadership team also inspires us to seek ways to develop and improve our business, the mark of a really strong partnership.”

Raphael Roberto Vicente / QUAD X – Managing Director


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