Digital Payments

Our digital payment solutions are a blend of years of experience, strict confidentiality protocols, and a dedicated team of experts. We understand the importance of building trust with customers by delivering a premium payment solution that is well tested, secure, scalable, and meets all stakeholder expectations.


Driving Digital Payments Transition from Transactions to Trusted Relationships

Secure Firmware

Our development teams guarantee top-notch firmware-level security by following secure coding guidelines adhering to the industry’s best practices. We have extensive experience working with various encryption standards (DES, TDES, AES, and RSA, etc.), key management techniques (DUKPT and Master/Session), and various secure key storage mechanisms.

We specialize in implementing key injection (Direct Key and Remote Key Injection mechanisms based on TR-31 and TR-34 schemes) and certificate management processes. We also help in optimizing existing algorithms to reduce firmware memory footprints to match with physical memory availability.

Secure Hardware

We specialize in integrating card reader interfaces (Contact, Contactless, and Magstripe) and other secure peripherals (PIN pads, Pin-on-Glass touchscreens). Our team is experienced in strengthening security by configuring secure booting and tamper/security monitoring modules of the given processor/microcontroller.

We also assist in developing special algorithms to overcome hardware security limitations, for example; PIN pad protection using randomized keypad scanning and additional protection against DPA attacks.

Payment Kernel Integration

We specialize in integrating Contact chip-based L2 EMV kernel and Contactless-based mainstream and regional L2 payment kernels to Linux-based and firmware-based payment terminals. Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover are some of the mainstream, and China UnionPay, Bancomat-Italy, Interac-Canada, and JCB-Japan are some of the regional Contactless-based L2 kernels we have integrated into payment solutions in recent years. Our experience expands to payment L3 developments.

Product Development

We can help at different stages in the product development cycle. Starting from hardware evaluation and selection during the design stage, to board bring-up and hardware troubleshooting in the prototyping stage, and developing manufacturing and automated testing suits during the final manufacturing stage.

Multi-Platform Development

Our development teams can support different product platforms ranging from bare-metal firmware to Linux/Android based payment terminals.

Secure Payment Standards

We help our clients to obtain PCI PTS, PCI PA-DSS, PCI DSS, and Common Security certifications for their products and systems. In the process, we help our clients to prepare and compile all of the necessary documentation to achieve PCI certification.

Proprietary Command Protocols

With over 12 years of experience in working with various types of embedded devices, we are experts in designing and implementing new command protocols, as well as integrating various 3rd party command protocols.

Support and Maintenance

Offers comprehensive and reliable post-implementation support and maintenance including change management, product updates, defect fixes, proactive remote monitoring, and management employing in-house specialists and external partners to improve the longevity of your product investment.

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