Embedded Systems

We develop state-of-the-art embedded systems solutions for a variety of clients in diverse industries. Many of our clients entrust us with multi-year strategic product roadmaps to design, engineer, maintain and support key products critical to them and their customer’s success.


Introduce Disruptive Products with Embedded Systems Innovation

Microcontroller/ Microprocessor Design

We offer extensive expertise in Microcontroller and Mixed-signal SOC-based designs. Our embedded microprocessor-based designs cover various stages including electrical design, electrical verification, and board bring-up. Our designs have catered for a wide range of products including autonomous navigating robots, special-purpose PDAs, complex retail domain Kiosk designs, RFID scanners, miniaturized IoT/wearables, and wireless sports training devices. We specialize in secure and low-power designs.

Embedded Systems Firmware Design

Our development expertise extends to secure firmware for the payment industry, MISRA compliant firmware for the automotive industry, and customer-grade embedded firmware in both bare-metal C and RTOS designs. We also offer factory testing diagnostic firmware and firmware optimization for performance, space, and power consumption.

Payments Industry Expertise

We have over 18 years of experience in partnering with the world’s leading payment terminal manufacturers to develop secure and PCI-certified boot-loaders, firmware, and Linux kernels. We have been integrating various Contactless (NFC) based global and local L2 payment kernels such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, JCB, Amex, China UnionPay, Bancomat (Italian), and Interac (Canada). Our experience expands to payment L3 developments.

OS Porting and Driver Development

We are professionals in porting bootloaders, Linux and Android operating systems, and developing device drivers for standard and custom hardware. We also specialize in OS optimizing and customizing operating systems to meet specific targets such as speed and security needs such as PCI compliance.

Battery Management Systems

We specialize in battery technologies and Battery Management Systems (BMS) design for consumer electronics, robotics, and automobile applications.

Motor Control Systems

We provide consultation and design services for Motor Control Systems for industrial, robotic, and automobile applications.

SDK and Application Development

We offer fully-fledged Software Development Kits (SDKs) to expose hardware features, either to comply with standards such as UPOS or tailor-made as per customer requirements for Windows, Linux and Android platforms. We also offer configuration/manufacturing testing application developments for the same platforms.


Our expert engineering team is capable of developing custom algorithms for embedded, robotics, sensor fusion, image processing, and machine learning applications.

Real-Time Operating Systems

We can help with customizing suitable Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) for various hardware platforms.

Schematic / Multi-Layer PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Design

Our CAD engineers support the electrical schematic design and laying out multi-layer PCBs following industry standards with extensive expertise in layout design for EMC/EMI compliance, as well as multi-layer PCBs. We achieve fast PCB manufacturing through our partnerships in China and Taiwan.

3D Modeling & Mechanical Designing

Our design engineering team can support our clients by coming up with Industrial Designs (ID) for conceptualization and Mechanical Designs (MD) for prototyping and manufacturing.

Technology Proof of Concepts (PoCs)

We help our clients develop PoCs under constrained budgets, timeframes and offer component selection and evaluation services (component engineering).

Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing

We can help our customers with rapid prototyping using Additive (3D printing), Subtractive (Milling) prototyping methods, and mass manufacturing with our manufacturing partners in Mainland China, Taiwan, and the USA.

Medical Domain Research Initiatives

We conduct medical domain research initiatives related to mental wellbeing and AI-powered Ultrasound imaging. Open for investors. Our research engineers expand their expertise in medical domain research with initiatives related to EEG, ECG, PPG-based mental/physical wellness monitoring and AI-powered guided Ultrasound imaging.

Consultancy services

Engineering consultancy services in Electronics and Electrical engineering for the green energy industry. Includes EMC pre-scanning, hardware selection, vendor evaluation, MQTT-based, and custom designing services.

What Makes Us Different?

History of Reliability

We are a team that routinely and proudly walks the extra mile for our clients. Our average customer lifetime is 05 years while our longest standing customers have been on board since 2007.

Proven Collaboration Efforts

Many of our clients have entrusted us with their multi-year strategic product roadmaps. Due to the close collaboration and intimate product knowledge, our teams typically end up working with our clients even after mergers and acquisitions.

Multitude of Expertise

Availability of broad skill sets across Hardware / Firmware and complementing Software under one roof, resulting in efficient execution of projects.


We are more than willing to work with our clients to support any urgent and sudden requirements that may arise including on-site support on request.


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