AI-Based Machine Vision

By combining the power of AI with Machine Vision, we uncover deep insights from the physical world with people, objects, and activities to help businesses make informed decisions.


AI-Based Insights from the Physical World

Video Analytics

Our Artificial Intelligence service is a combination of highly specialized AI experts, modern Data Science, and cutting-edge Machine Vision technology. We have dedicated teams to help you with object detection, tracking, and labeling.

We use Machine Learning and Cognitive Vision to provide pattern recognition and crucial prediction models to help our clients derive meaningful insights from their video footage. We have also trained ML models to assist with emotion detection on human faces. The accuracy of our solutions has allowed us to implement a variety of AI-based Machine Vision solutions to businesses across various industries.

Image Recognition​

Artificial Intelligence has opened new doors to improving how images are recognized, processed, and analyzed. A combination of well-tested Machine Learning and Computer Vision algorithms allows us to combine the power of AI with technology such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), and Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR). This helps us to drastically automate the image recognition process and uncover patterns and trends that would have otherwise remained hidden.

Our image recognition expertise helps us bring next-generation process improvement solutions to organizations around the world. Our solutions help with real-time motion and movement analysis that help identify bottlenecks while providing accurate recommendations for staff and resource allocation.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Text Analysis

Having a wealth of data can turn into a problem if you do not know how to structure it correctly for analysis. We specialize in Text Mining where we use AI-based technology to transform unstructured data into something that can be processed by a Machine Learning algorithm.
Structured data can be integrated across multiple business units, providing meaningful insight into business operations. This data can also be used by Data Science teams for descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive analytics which can provide valuable information related to possible business opportunities and threats.

Secure Facial Biometrics

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence to authenticate customers through facial biometrics is booming. Our expertise has led to developing a secure facial biometric solution using facial biometrics. The accuracies expected by the industry are achieved with proven machine learning algorithms on facial comparisons and patent-pending proprietary liveness detection models.

Audio Analytics

We have broadened our horizon beyond machine vision by providing AI-based solutions to our clients in the Audio domain. Our ML specialists have exceptionally enhanced the user experience through a greater sense of sound captured through ML models built as a result of dedicated research and development that has enabled us to find knowledge to create innovative solutions and strengthen existing ones with new features.

Our ML-based audio analytical solutions have served our clients to significantly improve existing conventional systems by integrating artificial intelligence, to enhance efficiency and accuracy by a greater margin. Our provided audio-based solutions include ML-based audio fingerprinting and a fast matching mechanism for intelligent audio recognition and synchronization purposes.

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