Technology Innovation

Sustainable technology innovation is inevitable and having a bleeding-edge innovative team is paramount. We bring in decades of experience in technology innovation covering a vast depth and breadth of technology specializing in the Fast adaption Proofs-of-Concept (PoC).


Take the Guesswork out of Technology Innovation


Generating ideas, especially innovative ideas is challenging, it requires individuals who can challenge fundamentals and are passionate about ideation and brainstorming. We carefully work with our clients to identify business needs, facilitate ideation and transform ideas into fast concepts. Through our extensive patenting expertise, we help clients secure their Intellectual Property and file for patents to secure unique inventions.

Design Phase

The design phase brings the best brains into the solution. Designs starting from drawing boards to complex circuit designs need intricate capability and expertise while being extremely fast-paced. The difference is the capability of our experts to bring the best class technology, fast, so that the PoC can be tested with the end-users.

PoC Implementation

Our experts focus on the development, implementation, and improvement of the PoC. It includes vigorous testing of the system as well as early testing at our client’s venue. During this phase, we will make all the necessary refinements in multiple developments while considering the human touch.

Execution of the Pilot

Production pilots need to be fast, accurate, MQTT-based, and agile. It needs expertise from talented technical teams and experienced business teams. Our innovative teams are capable of managing all stakeholders in achieving a win-win situation.

What Makes Us Different?

Agile Units with End-to-End Expertise on a Vast Spectrum of Technologies and Domains

Access to skilled engineers, academics, domain experts, and technology partners in a wide range of leading-edge technologies.

Fast Proof-of-Concepts Designs (PoC)

Assistance to secure IP rights for client’s unique inventions resulting from the innovation process, and setting up and managing dedicated innovation spaces and labs to demonstrate innovation progress to investors and stakeholders.

Well Connected Network with Researchers and Think Tanks in the Tech Domain

Access to leading research institutes, universities, technology vendors.


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Zone24x7 is the Innovations Partner for multiple Tier 1 Retailers in the US where we conceptualize, design and implement technology proof of concepts, demos, prototypes to explore the capabilities of latest technologies and evaluate their usefulness for the client organization….

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