04 Most Used Advertising Appeals and Usage Scenarios

04 Most Used Advertising Appeals and Usage Scenarios

What is Advertising Appeal?

An advertising appeal is defined as a strategy or technique for acquiring the attention of people to persuade and reinforce them to purchase a particular product or service. The approach may be a marketing or advertising strategy.

Many marketers commonly use appeals to influence their target customers. Appeals are customized according to the specifications of the target audience, and they speak to the specific set of interests of individuals and in their words or interest. The primary goal is to entice them to take the intended action that is desired by the seller or marketer, most probably a purchase.

Importance of Selecting an Accurate Advertising Appeal

The selection of a proper and relevant advertising appeal requires a significant research effort from the marketer. As we previously discussed, the advertising appeal selected by the marketer should match the target audience. Otherwise, the marketer will not be able to persuade the target audience to engage in the intended behavior.

For this whole process, the marketer should have a clear knowledge of the company’s product offering (High involvement product or Low involvement product), what business segment they are looking at (B2B or B2C), the impact of cultural and other relevant factors on the target audience, etc. Likewise, the marketer should focus on all related areas before selecting a particular marketing appeal. If not it will be a total waste of limited and valuable resources of the company.

04 Mostly Used Advertising Appeals and Their Usage Scenarios

  • Emotional Appeal

Through an emotional appeal, a particular customer may feel angry, sad, bitter, proud, happy, or any other related feeling related to a specific product or service. And it reinforces the customer to perform the intended behavior of the marketer and buy the product. Many marketers use emotional appeal for their products, like even chocolate ads, intending to make customers emotional.

  • Logical Appeal

In logical appeal marketers present the key facts and specifications related to their product or service, leading people to trust the information given to them. It also shows the audience the practicality and functionality of the product or service. We can observe this logical appeal mainly in the B2B marketing area where customers engage by purchasing high-involvement products which require a significant amount of resources, information, and time.

  • Humor Appeal

Humor appeal is one of the most used appeals in the B2C marketing area. Through humor appeal, marketers often try to build a positive association with their product or service. However, marketers should use this appeal with caution. As previously mentioned humor appeal is mostly being used in B2C marketing with low-involvement products and services. Humor appeal is not suitable to use in the B2B marketing segment which deals mostly with high-involvement products and services. The marketers should also be aware of the other important areas like cultural impact on the target customer segment before going with a humor appeal.

  • Fear Appeal

The fear appeal describes the adverse outcomes that can happen because a particular action is not taken. Marketers often use fear as a motivator to promote change. To make this appeal more effective, marketers must make the action/inaction specific and attainable, so that the target market segment feels as though they are able to move in the direction marketers have paved for them. The fear appeal can be mainly observed in marketing campaigns related to the healthcare and insurance industries.


Likewise, advertising appeals play a major role in every marketing campaign. Without having an appropriate advertising appeal, marketers will not be able to convey their core message to their target market segment to persuade them to engage with the desired behavior. Hence marketers should conduct proper product and market research before selecting advertising appeals for their advertising campaigns. Having a proper advertising appeal will increase the overall effectiveness of the whole marketing program and will result in achieving the objectives of the marketing campaign.

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