How Reliable is Data Science?

How Reliable is Data Science?

Will it be the death of data science? Are we relying on data too much? were some of the hard hitting questions that were pointed at the tech community at the end of the US Presidential Elections 2016. As we all know, the elections tossed out a very different result to what most people were expecting. The predictions drawn out by various media outlets and numerous polls were proven wrong and the reliability of data was questioned.


It brought home some of the limitations of data science. We cannot rely on data every time to give us a complete and accurate picture of what is happening.  Nothing is ever perfect and due to combination of many factors data can fail to make accurate predictions. Naturally, the curious minds started looking into where and how data science and poll predictions failed.

At Zone24x7, we too decided to give it a go. In the short video below, you can see few members from our own Data Science team tackling questions related to the reliability of data such as:

  • How reliable are the predictions?
  • How do you deal with uncertainty?
  • What is the future of data science?

Video Timeline

The context under which data science is applied in Zone24x7 – 00:37

On the reliability of predictions – 01:36

Dealing with uncertainty arising from data – 03:51

The Law of Statistical Regularity – 04:12

Test Data and Training Data – 04:32

The Ensemble Method – 05:12

Few thoughts on the future of data science and where it may be heading – 06:02

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