Codeless Test Automation with TestProject

Codeless Test Automation with TestProject

On visualizing the present technological demand, the market need for newly developed software is flourishing. Most of the software development companies thrive to keep up with the current market demand. As a result, development is carried out using agile software development methodologies and other strategies to speed up the process. For assuring the quality of a software product, automated testing came into play; a solution to this trending demand. Even though automated testing helps to eliminate specific manual testing scenarios, it is not always practical to automate large and more complex tests because the time and effort to automate large test suites fail to keep up with the market demand. This resulted in making testers transition to codeless automation testing.

What is TestProject and TestProject Agent? 

If you are in the market for a cloud-based, test automation development framework that allows you to create automated tests for Web, Mobile, and API with little to no coding skills, TestProject is the perfect choice for you. TestProject is a community-powered end-to-end test automation platform that offers robust test recording capabilities. It provides 100% support to selenium and Appium so you can even continue using your existing scripts, and It also provides cross-language support for python, C#, and Java.

TestProject agent is a cross-platform local component that sits on your machine. It takes care of the entire execution on-premise and communicates directly with the TestProject’s cloud testing repository. This removes the complexity of installing and managing drivers required for Selenium and Appium and can also be used to trigger tests remotely in a virtual environment. 

Benefits of using TestProject:

  1. Automatic Step Recorder
  2. AI-Powered Self-Healing  
  3. Adaptive Wait Capability 
  4. Automation Assistant

Automatic Step Recorder

Even though codeless test automation tools act as a great alternative, the opinion on recorded tests are diverse. Some testing professionals do not find recorded tests to be as beneficial as coded tests. With TestProject’s Automatic step recorder, you can mix recorded tests with coded features to achieve full potential upon user desire. 

TestProject’s automatic step recorder will record every move and every interaction made as the tester interacts with the application under test. TestProject’s recorder sits directly on top of the application, and it comes with a built-in intuitive element explorer, which can determine multiple locator strategies as you hover over any element within the application. TestProject stores the web element’s locators inside the test within a collaborative POM repository. This enables testers to just update the changed locator without making any other changes to the test. These recorded steps can then be exported into selenium code, extending the capability to customize tests further upon the user’s request.

AI Powered Self-Healing

TestProject’s AI-Powered self-healing technology monitors your tests and selects the most robust selector strategies. When recording a test, as mentioned earlier, TestProject will automatically store multiple locator strategies within the POM repository and notify the user of a better, more stable way to run the test. This enables testers to overcome challenges when locating dynamic elements. Dynamic locators are when an element’s locator is changed after a fresh page load. This means tests are more likely to fail upon execution. Whenever TestProject comes across a broken locator with TestProject’s Self-Healing capability, it automatically prioritizes a different locator type. This repair tests on the fly, producing better results. Whenever a Self-Healing mechanism is used to recover from an error, it would be indicated in the test report.

TestProject’s AI Self-Healing feature is designed to be non-intrusive. You can always override suggested locators by adding your own and making them primary, or you can even remove the automatically generated ones.

Adaptive Wait Capability

Timing is one of the biggest automation obstacles, and it is affected by many factors, such as internet speed, device performance or various events. Traditionally, we use async waits to overcome these obstacles, but it is believed to cause up to 45% of test flakiness and failures. Test flakiness is when a test has a non-deterministic output. Therefore, each time the test is run for the same code can either pass or fail.

TestProject’s adaptive wait capability is smart enough to eliminate those errors, making tests wait for actions and validations before proceeding with the test. This adaptive wait functionality can be used within any UI test step or Validation. TestProject will adapt to the actual application’s loading pace and then execute the next action once the relevant conditions are met.

Automation Assistant

In certain cases, there can be false-positive actions when running automated tests, especially when testing mobile applications. False-positive actions are when certain actions are reported as passed but did not perform the task. To overcome these types of test automation obstacles, TestProject comes with an Automation Assistant which provides suggestions to make automated tests more efficient and stable. Automation Assistant analyzes each step and detects actions where they did not reach their target goal and attempts to fix it automatically. This can mainly be beneficial in the events of pop-ups and other events that cause the flow of the running test to break. Automation Assistant even provides tips to help with performing tests on the TestProject platform. 


The usage of codeless test automation tools will continue to rise in the coming years as it becomes a fundamental practice for QA teams. Among the codeless automation tools currently available in the market, TestProject is one of the few tools that completely support codeless testing, and that offers advanced scripting capabilities. All these features come at no cost making TestProject the only cloud-based free codeless test automation tool.

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