“I would like to especially recognize Zone for working around the clock to hit our deadlines and for being amazing partners throughout the project.They have continually demonstrated hard work and dedication to the project. Their positive attitudes, partnerships and flexibility have been invaluable. It has been a pleasure working alongside them. Looking forward to future projects and success.”

Senior Product Manager
Tier 1 Retailer in the US

Client Challenges

  • 1

    Identify technologies which have reached a strategic inflection point and poses a threat or offers an opportunity to the business.

  • 2

    Limitations posed by traditional organization structures and hierarchies stifle rapid innovation, experimentation and risk taking.

  • 3

    Developing sustainable and repeatable processes to define, ideate, prototype and test technology concepts cost effectively.

  • 4

    Difficulty in attracting and retaining skilled and experienced engineers across diverse specialities is challenging and expensive.

How we help clients

Our Innovation as a Service offering provides a viable path for businesses to start a program of technology based innovation by assessing their strategic requirements in conjunction with cutting edge technological advancements to arrive at solutions that meets the business needs.

We generate new concept ideas by evaluating enterprise needs,customer insights, market trends, competitor moves and technological advancements. We draw inspiration from our technology partners, associates, advisors and vendors to formulate ideas. We also assist our clients in securing IP rights of these ideas.

Once the most promising concepts are evaluated and shortlisted, our team in collaboration with product managers, domain experts and client will expand them into prototypes and Proof of Concepts (PoCs) and rapid iterations of agile product development.

Concepts are sent through an extensive validation process using demonstrations, field trials and feedback gathering to identify the ideas that have the best alignment with the organization’s business goals. Our teams prepare highly contextual and personalized material to communicate the concepts to diverse stakeholders and interest groups.

Upon successful validation and approval of an innovative concept, we work with internal and client teams to enable production implementation of the solution.

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How our clients benefit

  1. Ability to blend hardware and software into new technology innovations.
  2. Access to skilled engineers, academics, domain experts and technology partners in a wide range of leading edge technologies.
  3. Experience and know how in bringing to life more than 250 technology innovations for Fortune 500 enterprises and tech startups.
  4. Assistance to secure IP rights for client’s unique inventions resulting from the innovation process.
  5. Assistance in setting up and managing dedicated innovation spaces and Innovation labs to demonstrate innovation progress to investors and stakeholders.
  6. Access to leading research institutes, universities, technology vendors

Technology Map

Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows, Linux, OSX, Android, iOS
C, C++, Java, C#, JavaScrpt, Python, Swift, Kotlin
Point to point auto self navigation platform, Pick & placement, ROS
Data storage
MySQL, MongoDB
Modeling human posture
Image Processing
Open CV
Machine learning
Natural Language Processing (NLP), Chatbots
Wireless technologies
RFID, Bluetooth, high frequency sound
Google cloud platforms, AWS
TCP, MQTT, WebSocket Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D Modeling

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