Analytics Center

A comprehensive data platform to leverage enterprise data assets with actionable analytics for any insights-driven business.

Analytics Center

Analytics CenterTM Explained

Analytics CenterTM data platform is a fully-fledged insight brokering platform that helps businesses harness the full potential of their enterprise digital assets. It is not only an AI, Big Data, and Data Science enabler for businesses who are just beginning their analytics journey, but also a catalyst for organizations with mature data strategies. It is also a cloud-agnostic platform that consists of three powerful modules.

Data Engineering

Cross-industry data management module that powers:

  • Unified data connectivity
  • Data storage
  • Scalable ETL
  • Modern data warehousing
  • Streaming and Data Pipelining

Built on modern data architecture to perform complex data management tasks in a flawless, high quality and scalable manner, connecting to legacy and contemporary systems.

Insight Generation

Powerful future-oriented data science tool kit that enables data scientists with:

  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Feature engineering
  • Automated machine learning and deep learning capability
  • Operations Research techniques
  • Model Deployments

Empowers data science teams to uncover hidden patterns, build advanced analytics solutions with recommended actions, productionize, and monetize insights.

Insight Visualization

Customized data visualization and reporting layer that enables

  • Dashboarding
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Data Storytelling

Manifests the real value of hidden patterns, illustrating powerful pointed insights which can be easily understable and actionable for data driven problem solving.

Technology Overview

Visualization Tools

Key Benefits

Significantly reduces the time, effort & cost to deploy custom predictive & prescriptive analytics solutions.
Compatible with a host of leading technologies, platforms, and tools in building unified enterprise analytics solutions.
Supports both on-premise and cloud deployment on all leading cloud platforms.
Easily integrates with diverse legacy and contemporary data sources.

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