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Artificial Intelligence-Powered Retail Store Device

XoNE is an AI-Powered in-store digital assistant that allows customers to quickly browse through product catalogs and reviews, receive personalized recommendations, and get product locations instantly.
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Check Product Prices and Details

  • Scan merchandise using barcodes, RFID, or by entering UPC
  • View regular or personalized prices along with special offers
  • Check available product colors, sizes, and inventory options in real-time
Check Product Prices and Details

Call Customer Service or Product Expert

  • Get video support from a store associate or a stylist
  • Direct customer to products using the wayfinding map
DCall Customer Service or Product Expert

Scan multiple Items Effortlessly

  • An extended RFID tag read range helps to identify merchandise faster
  • Quickly scan all items to review product details, reviews, and pricing
Scan multiple Items Effortlessly

Avoid Lengthy Checkout Lanes

  • XoNe helps with the management of checkout lines as customers are able to use any available device to scan and checkout
Avoid Lengthy Checkout Lanes

Locate Products in-store

  • Instantly become familiar with the floor layout of the store. Locate products that have been scanned at the price checker
  • Utilize wayfinding for directing clients to specific store areas, products, and other nearby stores

Consistent & Integrated Experience Across Every Touchpoint

  • Easily introduce custom interfaces and sensors
  • Interact with in-store technology and online shopping carts for targeted messaging and customized shopping experiences

Customer Insights

  • Identify customer demographics and behavior
  • Unlock powerful insights and make personalized recommendations

Payment Integration

  • Integrate with traditional payment devices such as VeriFone/Ingenico and next-gen payment methods such as Apple/Google/Wepay

Big Data Recommendations

  • XoNE uses customer behavior data to provide personalized product recommendations
  • View product reviews and ratings for scanned products
  • Recommend popular items that are associated with the items being scanned

Remote Monitoring and Management

  • MATRIX24x7 based advanced remote monitoring, management & troubleshooting
  • Over The Air (OTA) updates, and device behavioral analytics
  • Integration with help-desk ticketing systems and device behavioral analytics

Ability To Run Next-Generation AI Applications

  • XoNE is fitted with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 820e Chipset that supports neural engines
  • A powerful embedded processor with up to 10 years of support, enables distributed machine learning operations for next-gen AI-powered applications

Capture Customer Attention

  • Optimum 13.3” HD display adheres to most of the retail in-store mounting requirements
  • 1920×1080 resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Perimeter light pipe surrounds the device for enhancing and promoting specific use cases

Supports 4K High-Resolution Video Playback

  • Plays videos up to 4K resolution
  • External HDMI port

Age Verification with Cognitive Vision

  • XoNE maintains a customer profile and has the ability to customize content based on the age of the customer

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