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NextGen Logistics Solution For Leading Provider Of Cross-border Delivery Services

NextGen Logistics Sase Study

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    Our Client

    Our client is one of the leading providers of cross-border delivery services and e-commerce payment processing. They provide a wide range of services to their customers in South-east Asia, allowing them to shop from USA based online stores and have their orders delivered to specified locations.

    Warehouse management is one of the key areas of focus in our clients’ business. Due to increasing costs, they decided to refine their inbound and outbound inventory management by improving the accuracy of data entry and reducing process lead times.


    • The client did not have an effective way to measure the dimensions of incoming orders and shipments. Orders were being manually measured, weighed, and entered into the system.
    • Manual entry of data required a lot of time and warehouse personnel. Inaccurate data entry was impacting the overall efficiency of the inventory management process.
    • Warehouse staff spent a lot of hours scanning documents, like Advanced Shipping Notes (ASN) and other standard warehouse documents.
    • Unnecessary manual labor requirements were leading to higher costs and increased process lead time.

    How We Helped

    Zone24x7 analyzed the entire warehousing operation and provided our client with a series of recommendations. After clarifying the clients’ needs we decided to implement a 3 phase solution.

    Phase 1 involved the setup and installation of a state-of-the-art dimensioning tool. This tool used patented 3D technology to easily scan objects of all sizes and did not require object realignment.

    The dimensioning tool captured a photo of every item that was scanned and provided accurate dimension details for weight and size. It was easily integrated with the clients’ Warehouse Management System (WMS) and XML API.

    The tool was easy to move and did not require any maintenance. Zone24x7 took responsibility for all training, maintenance, and support.

    Our team also implemented Optical Character Recognition technology to streamline how information was collected and fed into the WMS. This helped our client easily scan and upload all standard warehouse documents to the WMS.

    Our team conducted extensive training programs for all warehouse staff. We also briefed them on future phases of the project that would involve RFID integration and other future-proof technology.

    Impact of Our Work

    • Average of 86% increase in the number of items scanned per hour.
    • 116% increase in the maximum amount of items scanned per hour
    • The number of staff needed to scan products decreased after the implementation of our NextGen Logistics solution
    • Staff were able to concentrate on other value-added services
    • OCR helped improve the accessibility & transparency of data. It also helped with faster information retrieval which led to improved employee productivity
    • OCR allowed data to be changed to multiple formats and shared across different tools and platforms
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