Robotics & Automation

Client Challenges

  • 1

    Organizations are facing a major roadblock due to the shortage of skilled and experienced robotics engineers.

  • 2

    Requires teams with diverse skills across systems engineering, electronics, mechanical engineering, computer engineering and software engineering.

  • 3

    Real world experience implementing commercial robotic automation applications using the latest tools and technologies.

How we help clients

We help our clients in the design of robotic platforms with mechanical design, control & computing system design, and robot navigation system design. After considering the requirements for a mobile robotics platform, we will design the most suitable drive system ( Wheels / motor selection), computing platform, custom electronic circuitry and custom firmware.

We will also select the most suitable battery technology considering operational parameters and safety requirements. We have expertise with a multitude of sensors commonly used for autonomous navigation. Our robotics engineers will design the autonomous navigation and exploration algorithms involving techniques such as Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) A complete solution will also include a custom docking solution for the robot.

Our CAD engineers take care of enclosure design needs. We have in-house 3D prototyping facilities and also work with partners in China and Taiwan for cost effective enclosure manufacturing.

As the leading platform for building commercial robots, we have over 5 years of extensive expertise in ROS based implementations including ROS driver development for Custom hardware and experience with Movebase,Moveit.

Robots built for commercial purposes are always expected to interface with one or more external systems. We can support clients in integrating robots with external monitoring, control & fleet management systems, or data storage systems.We count on real world expertise in designing and implementing robot Fleet Management Systems to control hundreds of robots from remote locations.

In addition to the above generic services, we assist clients with Image processing and machine learning based solutions, machine vision based solutions, domain specific custom algorithm development and user experience design for robotic applications.

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How our clients benefit

  1. Our robotics offerings involve highly qualified specialists with Masters and Doctoral degrees specializing in computer engineering, electrical engineering, machine vision, robotics.
  2. Extensive experience implementing real world solutions on top of the leading platform Robot Operating System (ROS) for developing robotic applications
  3. We possess a wide array of software engineering skills required in developing robotics applications and integrating robotic systems with other backend systems and database systems
  4. Real world experience in implementing robot fleet management systems to perform complex remote monitoring, control and troubleshooting of robots.

Technology Map

C, C++, python, java , HDL
Frameworks & library
ROS, Open CV
Robotic Simulation
Stage, Gazebo,Matlab
Sensor technologies
LIDAR , Depth Sensors , IMU , GPS , Ultrasonic Sensors
RF Technologies
4G , Wifi , Bluetooth , Custom ISM protocols
Communication Technologies
Electronic Designs
FPGA, Microcontroller , Custom processing board (xilinx , STM32 , dsPIC , Raspberry pi)
Altium, Orcad, Solidworks

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