Robotics & Automation

Real world experience implementing commercial robotic automation systems using the latest tools and technologies including the Robot Operating System (ROS).


Build & Integrate Custom Robotic Solutions with Business Operations

Design of Robotic


We have years of experience in the design and development of robotic platforms. Our expertise ranges from mechanical design, computing system design, and robot navigation system design.

Our robotics engineers will design the autonomous navigation and exploration algorithms involving techniques such as Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM). We will also select the most suitable battery technology considering operational parameters and safety requirements.

Simultaneous Localization
and Mapping (SLAM)


In-house 3D prototyping


We have in-house 3D prototyping facilities and also work with partners in China and Taiwan for cost-effective enclosure manufacturing. We have a team of CAD engineers that specialize in enclosure design and prototyping.

We have over 5 years of extensive expertise in ROS based implementations including ROS driver development for custom hardware. Our team has extensive experience with Movebase and MoveIt.

ROS based implementations


Integration of Robots with
External Systems


Robots built for commercial purposes are always expected to interface with one or more external systems. We specialize in integrating robots with external monitoring systems, fleet management systems, and data storage systems.

We have years of experience in designing and implementing Robot Fleet Management Systems to control hundreds of robots from remote locations.

Robot Fleet Management


Image processing and machine
learning-based solutions


Zone24x7 is a leader in image processing, machine learning-based solutions, machine vision-based solutions, domain-specific custom algorithm development and user experience design for robotic applications.

We help our clients develop PoCs under constrained budgets, timeframes and offer component selection and evaluation services.

Technology Proof of Concepts


User Experience Design for
Robotic Applications


Our UX and UI team will evaluate your requirements and help you design a completely customized user experience for your robotic application.

Robotics & Automation Case Study

Success Story

In late 2014, a Tier 1 retailer initiated a program with Zone24x7 to build a personalized omnichannel Big Data Recommendations platform…

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