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Automated Fever Screening

Machine Vision-based Thermal Detection camera system which identifies:

  • individuals with an elevated temperature and sends discrete notifications to staff
  • automated heat map generation provides periodic notifications to operational staff
  • identifying areas and items potentially compromised for proper sanitization.
Automated Fever Screening
UVC Sterilization Cabinet

UVC Sterilization Cabinet and Conveyor Tunnel Sterilizer

Whether in a store or warehouse environment or even during transport via truck or van, our UV-C Sterilization technology:

  • decontaminates product surfaces to reduce the risk of indirect germ contact and transfer
  • can easily and safely sanitize incoming and outgoing products to ensure safe and proper product handling by employees and customers.

Crowd Monitoring and Mask Identification

Help customers and employees stay safe by:

  • measuring the distance between individuals
  • identifying crowded areas
  • eliminating bottlenecks
  • identifying individuals who are not wearing a mask when it is mandatory
  • integration with PA systems to notify staff and customers when pre-set thresholds are breached.
Queue Prevention

Queue Prevention and Wait-time Intelligence

We combine the power of Machine Vision and Predictive Analytics to:

  • predict when lines will form based on the number of customers in your store and the anticipated time they will spend in the store
  • helps staff become proactive and eliminates customer angst and frustrations while maintaining the highest levels of safety for everyone in the environment.

Predict Customer Product Returns

Predict consumers & products with a high returns propensity for in-store and online purchases to:

  • reduce the risk of handling contaminated returns
  • reduce losses related to returns
  • identify compulsive product returners and prevent returns abuse.

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Remote Touchless Troubleshooting

Remote Touchless Troubleshooting of Systems & IT Assets

Centralized remote monitoring & management platform to:

  • minimize downtime of business critical systems due to limited access or travel
  • reduce cost of supporting key tech infrastructure.

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