Remote Monitoring, Management and IoT

Whether your challenge is Enterprise IoT or Industrial IoT, we bring you over a decade of proven technology and domain expertise in bespoke remote monitoring, management and IoT solutions to meet your unique needs and challenges.


IoT Solutions for the
Connected Enterprise

IoT –
Edge Engineering


We offer expertise in multilingual programming (i.e. C, Java, Python) and single-board platforms such as Raspberry Pi and popular microcontroller platforms. Our engineers are well experienced in edge node security practices and in the application of cryptography. We specialize in key management tools (Vault, JKS) and storage standards (NIST 800-57). Our expertise also covers lightweight messaging protocols, serialization techniques, and implementation of efficient remote monitoring and control of IoT edge nodes.

Our remote monitoring team is well experienced in microservices architecture and frameworks, various communication models, and selecting the right communication and serialization protocols to maximize efficiency based on use cases. Other areas of expertise include proficiency in workload management platforms such as Kubernetes for orchestration and fault tolerance, as well as system-to-system security, key management, and API design.

Bespoke IoT –
Middleware Integration


Open Source
IoT Platforms


Our team can easily integrate with ThingsBoard, an open-source IoT middleware and visualization platform, to cater to custom requirements. This is extremely useful for data collection, processing, visualization, and device management. We also have experience in the usage of the Hawkbit open-source update delivery platform, to deliver updates to the edge nodes of the IoT.

We specialize in conducting longevity testing on IoT edge nodes and edge node failure scenario tests. We also help in setting up and running performance tests on a multitude of protocols (i.e. REST APIs, MQTT based systems, Raw TCP based systems). Our remote monitoring team is experienced in conducting vulnerability and pen tests on edge nodes and middleware.

IoT –
Quality Assurance


Remote Monitoring & IoT Case Study

Success Story

In late 2014, a Tier 1 retailer initiated a program with Zone24x7 to build a personalized omnichannel Big Data Recommendations platform…

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