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“Great work. Thank you for making this happen today. I had thought it was not likely based on conflicting schedules. This was a big win.”

VP Fulfillment, Logistics and Optimization Systems
Tier 1 Retailer

Client challenges

  • 1

    Technical and domain expertise to implement an inhouse bespoke solution for organization specific needs.

  • 2

    Multiple proprietary monitoring solutions create an operations nightmare and inflates the cost of operation.

  • 3

    Most monitoring solutions lack capabilities to remotely troubleshoot / upgrade devices and applications.

  • 4

    Inflexibility of existing solutions to cater to new and unique needs results in manual workarounds causing human errors.

How we help our clients

Our engagements typically start by identifying monitoring needs and related cost/benefit analysis on the customer’s business. With this understanding we could design a demo/POC with the integration of devices, applications resulting in an MVP. This would result in extracting additional requirements to further improve overall monitoring and management experience and capture additional reporting requirements.

We could also augment the initial solution with extensible Agent SDK and by integration with service-desk for incident escalation.

We then move on to implement the final technology solution tailor made to meet the exact challenges of your business. If building a new solution from the scratch is not feasible due to time,cost or any other limitations, we could alternatively offer a solution custom built on top of our MATRIX24x7. MATRIX24x7 is our proprietary Remote Monitoring, Control and Troubleshooting platform.

Solution deployment could be on-premise or cloud-based as per the business needs. We would continue to partner with our clients for end user training and post implementation support to guarantee the best ROI on the investment.

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How our clients benefit

  1. We offer over a decade of technology and domain experience in bespoke remote monitoring and management solutions which successfully manage thousands of business critical systems and devices for clients including the Fortune 500.
  2. We offer multiple paths to a solution. One can choose to build a solution from scratch, or extend existing solution for better capabilities. or build on top of MATRIX24x7 platform.
  3. Unlike a monolithic one size fits all off the shelf products, a bespoke solution ensures finer controllability of your key tech assets supports business agility.
  4. Greater integration with existing systems, devices and infrastructure combined with centralized remote monitoring, configuration and touchless troubleshooting improves efficient systems management

Technology Map

Java, C#, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, SASS/CSS, Python, C++
Front-end frameworks
Angular5 plus, KendoUI
Middle-tier frameworks
Web API2, ASP.Net , SpringBoot, Kafka, Flink
Data Access Technologies
REST, ODBC, ADO.Net, JDBC, Transport Client, Mongo Java Driver
Mobile technologies
Android, support for Java compatible ARM devices
Data Stores
MS SQL, ElasticSearch, MongoDB
Visualization Technologies
KendoUI , Grafana, NGX Chart
Enterprise Integration technologies
Okta/SAML, OAuth2
Google Cloud Platform, On-Premise
TLS1.2, AES-128 Encryption of sensitive data
GRPC, HTTP2.0, TCP, MQTT, WebSocket, WebRTC

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