Applications for RFID in the new normal

Applications for RFID in the new normal

Due to the ongoing global pandemic situation, health has become a global concern and a priority. People are paying much attention to social distancing, limiting the time spent within communities and contactless access to daily activities. In this backdrop, RFID becomes a key enabler for many types of solutions. RFID is not new to the world. However it can be a novel experience for general society. Therefore it is important to identify how businesses and communities could adopt RFID to maintain their ordinary lifestyle with emphasis for safety and social distancing. Here are some areas where RFID could help.

Implementing product tracking systems (Logistics and supply chain)

When promoting RFID for product trackers in logistics and supply chain management, it limits the usage of human resources. Additionally, it ensures social distancing.

Also by using RFID we have the ability to take inventory without touching the goods. As RFID enables contactless controlling of assets, It helps to reduce the communicability of pathogenic diseases. Therefore RFID can be used in workplaces and organizations as an effective precaution. 

Contactless payment

Utilizing RFID for contactless payments decreases interaction with notes and cards. Moreover, RFID reduces the time a person spends to make a payment and reduces exposure.

Attendance tracking

Attendance tracking has become another area that can apply RFID solutions. Even though most of the employees in many companies are working from home these days, some offices/companies are kept open practicing social distancing within the premises. A quick swipe of the RFID based badge/ID can be much safer than using fingerprint recognition attendance tracking.

Asset Tracking

RFID presents opportunities to track assets used and shared by multiple people. This kind of continuous tracking can be used to manage the risk of spreading the disease and helps rapid identification and decontamination of equipment, tools which have come in contact with an infected person. Simultaneously, it will help to analyse the spreading of the virus within a communicable area. 

Interactive marketing

When RFID is combined with interactive marketing, it becomes smarter and safer. Business owners can use remote scanners to read RFID tags placed on different products, enabling them to record a variety of information including quantities of various stock items and their exact locations.These tags contain unique product numbers. If consumers pay for the goods with a loyalty card, businesses can link the purchases to the recorded RFID data and use that information for marketing purposes by mapping out consumers’ buying patterns. By using these data retail stores can make improvements.

Since 2011, Zone 24×7, design, implement and integrate custom RFID solutions with core business operations, for the efficient management of merchandise & business assets. We also partner with clients to maximize returns from their existing RFID investments.

We are focusing on ;

  • Inventory & Item Level Visibility
  • Asset Tracking
  • Evaluation And Selection Of RFID Tags, Labels and Hardware Infrastructure
  • RFID Middleware/Software
  • RFID-based Localization

You can get in touch with our RFID products/solution from here

As we all are in the fight against COVID 19, we can use technology to overcome our struggles. For that, applications based on RFID play a major role in easing our day to day tasks.

Lehindu Atapattu

Trainee Associate Digital Marketing


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