Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Since 2011 we have designed and integrated custom RFID solutions with core business operations, for the efficient management of merchandise and business assets. We also partner with clients to maximize returns from their existing RFID investments.


An Early Adopter of RFID

Inventory and Item Level Visibility

The success of an RFID implementation depends on multiple business and operational factors which need to be considered. A major benefit of RFID is that it allows you to get comprehensive visibility of your inventory at an item level to achieve a high inventory accuracy. Detailed reporting and real-time tracking will help you streamline your inventory management and stay ahead of item re-ordering and stock maintenance.

Asset Tracking

With the right infrastructure in place, RFID can be used to efficiently automate your asset tracking process, giving you accurate and real-time tracking for your fixed and mobile assets. Our RFID solutions help you drastically reduce the costs and time associated with manual or outdated tracking systems.

Site Surveying

Based on the customer's intention, specification of the optimal RFID system which is to be implemented is being recommended. A fast-paced on-site test is being carried out to test the environment, evaluate potential RFID equipment (Readers, Antennas, Antenna placement, Tags, and other accessories) to provide the recommendation. ​

Evaluation And Selection Of RFID Tags, Labels, And Hardware Infrastructure

Through a well-defined process, our team of RFID and inventory management consultants will walk you through the different RFID solutions and how they can positively impact your organization. We will present multiple options for leading vendors in RFID tags, labels, and reader equipment while helping you choose a reliable and trustworthy infrastructure partner.

RFID Middleware/Software

RFID devices and solutions will need to be integrated with existing systems and software both internal and external to your organization to ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment. Our team of software engineers will help you integrate all the necessary aspects of your business with the RFID devices and hardware infrastructure.

RFID-based Localization

A Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) based on RFID technology will allow you to estimate the location of a tagged object or person. This improves the searchability of a tagged product to a customer or business user. We help you set up all of the required hardware that is needed to make an RTLS work in perfect harmony with your existing hardware and software solutions.

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