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Zone24x7 combines cutting edge technology with state-of-the-art warehouse management solutions to help businesses transform their warehouse and inventory management operations.

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  • Client challenges

    Warehouse management is constantly evolving. New technology, comprehensive software and an improved understanding of warehouse inventory management systems, have ushered in an age of innovative warehouse solutions. An experienced team is needed to help businesses improve their warehouse operations.

    1. Outdated and inefficient warehouse management systems
    2. Inaccurate inventory management and inefficient order fulfillment tracking
    3. Complications in managing and tracking outbound delivery
    4. Inaccurate measurement of weight and dimensions of incoming orders, leading to an increase in operational costs
    5. Lack of good reporting systems and difficulty in retrieving real-time information
    6. Lack of expertise and tools to assist in scalability, customization, and integration of current warehouse management solutions

How we help our clients

Zone24x7 helps businesses drastically improve their warehouse management. By using modern warehouse and inventory management tools, we equip organizations to immediately improve their inventory management and overall warehouse performance.

Our team can easily integrate existing software modules with new features and online platforms. We have the expertise to integrate other warehouse and logistics technology like RFID and automatic inventory packing, dimensioning and weighing devices. This helps you streamline your outbound delivery management and order fulfillment. We also provide you with business intelligence reporting and dashboards.

How we help our clients

For small to medium-sized businesses with a basic or redundant Warehouse Management System

Starting out in the warehouse & logistics industry can be challenging. Our group of consultants will help you identify the best warehouse management solution.

We will help you integrate other core functionalities into your existing Warehouse Management System.

The core functionalities that we provide are:

  • Inbound Inventory Management
  • Inventory Controlling
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Outbound Delivery Management
  • Reporting and Dashboards
For companies that have already implemented a warehouse management solution, it’s time for an upgrade. Your warehouse system should be integrated with all of your systems and databases; this will make sure that your information is reliable and accurate across multiple platforms.

The extended functionalities that we provide are:

  • Enterprise System Integration
  • Open Web Integration
  • Database Integration
  • MQ System Integration
  • Performance controls like remote monitoring and management allow you to instantly monitor critical touchpoints in your supply chain.
  • Security & access controls give your organization an added layer of security. Multi-factor authentication and role management help ensure that the correct people have access to your system.
  • Mobility management gives users mobile access to important features of the warehouse management system. A mobile solution can improve productivity and transparency.
  • Process controls like business workflow and capacity planning will help structure your organization and improve warehouse processes.
  • Our precise security control systems equip you with the right information to keep your information assets secure. We help you achieve compliance with the ISO 27001 information security standard.
  • Get a complete overview of your business workflow and in-depth insights into bottlenecks. Easily identify anomalies in your supply chain and effectively allocate human resources based on actual demand trends and patterns.
Our team of developers and supply chain experts can help you easily deploy your entire WMS on your premise or on a cloud-based platform. We also provide you with open-source database management and Enterprise database management.
Rapid technological innovation has ushered in an age of futuristic technology. Transform your business by enhancing your warehouse management with future proof technology.

  • RFID Compliance
    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is taking the warehouse and logistics industry by storm. By implementing RFID technology into your warehouse operations you can improve order tracking, inventory management and reduce overhead costs.
  • Predictive Analysis
    Gain insights and recommendations from past trends related to inventory management, order fulfillment, and delivery management.
  • Dimensioning
    Automated dimensioners can assist you with real-time size and weight information. This information is fed directly into your WMS software which analyzes it and provides recommendations for the best storage area.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
    OCR technology can save time and money when integrated into a WMS software. Information from documents can be automatically scanned and shared with the WMS, saving the time needed to manually enter it.
  • Voice-Based WES (Warehouse Execution System)
    A Warehouse Execution System is a key part of automating a warehouse. A WES analyzes different aspects of the warehouse and effectively allocates the required labor, inventory and machine sources. It helps to effectively manage incoming orders and efficiently fulfill delivery requirements.
  • Cognitive Vision Analytics
    Our cognitive vision system can give you visionary insights after analyzing your video footage. Analytics can be shared with the WMS to identify trends and make process improvements.

How our clients benefit

  1. Improving warehouse operations can improve warehouse productivity and significantly increase asset visibility.
  2. By implementing features like role management and capacity planning, it is possible to improve employee productivity significantly.
  3. Mitigate risk and theft by using secure systems of control.
  4. Warehouse management tools and software help you reach an optimum level of inventory control and management.
  5. Warehouse and inventory solutions help you store a vast amount of data that is easily accessible from anywhere, at anytime.
  6. Warehouse management best practices minimize human error and assist with regulatory compliance.
  7. New technology like RFID and Cognitive Vision for warehouses provides elaborate insights for business improvements.

Technology Map

Java, C/C++, C#, Python, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, SASS/CSS, PHO, Ruby, Objective-C, Swift
Front-end frameworks
AngularJS, Angular, ReactJS, JQuery Knockout.js, Bootstrap, Semantic-UI, Materialize
Middle-tier frameworks
RabbitMQ, MSMQ, Kafka, Redis
Mobile technologies
Java, iOS/Swift, Cordova/Ionic, React Native
Middle-tier frameworks
Java Spring/Spring Boot, Java Play, Lagom, Akka, ASP.Net, Web API
Data Stores
MS SQL, ElasticSearch, MongoDB
Visualization Technologies
KendoUI , Grafana, NGX Chart
Enterprise Integration technologies
Okta/SAML, OAuth2
Google Cloud Platform, On-Premise
TLS1.2, AES-128 Encryption of sensitive data
GRPC, HTTP2.0, TCP, MQTT, WebSocket, WebRTC

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