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It is all about building your Career

Engineers24x7 focuses on building a “career” in engineering and reaching different heights in a respective tech domain.

What is our Engineer Incubator?

The Engineer incubator is a structured setup within Engineers24x7 and is the first step in developing our engineering talent into “market-ready” engineers. Our main focus is to bridge the gap between the skills demanded within the market and the actual skill set of our engineers. This initiative has witnessed many success stories in which the program has helped all our talent to thrive within the client projects that they have been assigned to.

What is our Engineer Incubator?

Currently, our incubation program is designed to accommodate the following tech profiles:

  • Software Engineers and Senior Software Engineers
  • Quality Assurance Engineers and Senior Quality Assurance Engineers
  • Associate Tech Leads and Tech Leads

It focuses on two skill domains:

  • Real-life technical problem-solving skills
  • Essential soft skills for real-life work environments

The 03 basic principles followed in actualizing the Engineers24x7 vision of making great engineers include:

  • Continued learning
  • Out learning peers in similar tech domains
  • Striving for collaboration

All in all our Engineer Incubator provides a collaborative, interdisciplinary environment that facilitates interactions with mentors and domain experts who are actively working in their respective fields.

Our Incubation Recipe


Engineers24x7 calls in for its engineering talent to register for this program, after which a preliminary assessment takes place and the most potential engineers are selected. Subsequently, they are put through rigorous skill assessments using modern activity-based learning tools along with the help of a repertoire of real-life client problem-solving scenarios.


A skill gap report is generated for each candidate and an incubation timeline is agreed upon with the consent of the engineer. This is followed by the assignment of 02 mentors, aligned with each engineer i.e a technical mentor and a soft skill mentor.


Using our curated curriculums for each skill profile demanded by our clients, the incubation for the engineer commences. The main interventions used are structured mentoring on an individual basis using simulated technical tasks and role-plays.


Regular assessments are done jointly with the mentors/engineer and the program is fine-tuned on an ongoing basis.


The candidate is stamped as “Market Ready” once they successfully complete the incubation program and are placed on client interviews for commercial projects.

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