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Authenticating identity is becoming more and more important as it improves security and prevents the bad actors/fraudsters from stealing your data or your money. You will often be asked to use a 2nd method of identifying yourself to prove that it is actually you.

Introducing “FaceAuthMeTM”, a highly secure, AI powered biometric platform, which uses facial features to authenticate an individual.

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FaceAuthMeTM Explained

How to do Frictionless Authentication for PSD2 for customers without a mobile app.

Facial Authentication with FaceAuthMe

Tech Overview

Tech Overview FaceAuthMe

Frequently Asked Questions

The security and privacy of your personal data is becoming more and more important in the digital world that we now live in. Cyber crime is on the increase and we need to make it more difficult for the criminals/bad actors to get you data.

It is something inherent about you i.e. something that you are. In the context of using biometrics for authenticating your identity it refers to: your fingerprints, your face, your voice. Something that is unique to you and difficult to copy or steal.

There are more and more places that are asking you to use your face:

  • The 2021 (probably still to be called the 2020) Olympics in Japan will be using face to verify the ID of over 300k athletes, sponsors, journalists and volunteers. (Intel is collaborating with NEC to provide a large-scale face authentication system)-
  • To buy tickets for the Glastonbury Pop Festival in the UK you have to supply your face in a picture and have done for the past 3 years
  • We encounter and accept it now when passing through Passport Control at many airports
  • Some banks are storing customer pictures while onboarding you when opening an account.

It is mainly to address a new banking directive in Europe to ensure Secure Customer Authentication i.e. make payments secure and stop the fraudsters pretending they are you. There is a new European Directive coming out soon that will require 2 authentication factors when shopping online. All payment providers and banks need to comply and they are finding it difficult to get a solution. We believe that FaceAuthMeTM is a simple to use but secure way of doing this authentication whilst meeting all the compliance needs of the European Directive. It is likely that once Europe brings in this new regulation other banking authorities around the world will follow. We have seen this with the European GDPR; it is now the gold standard for personal data privacy and security.

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