Low friction
Authentication Solution
that works on any device

Facial biometrics for secure, low friction Strong Customer Authentication, compliant
with PSD2 European directive.

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FaceAuthMeTM Explained

FaceAuthMeTM uses sophisticated machine learning and AI algorithms that capture intelligently facial biometrics and other data of the customer to identify uniquely a genuine customer from a fraudster.

This solution satisfies the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirement as specified by the PSD2 regulation.

FaceAuthMeTM provides the inherence and possession factors in one seamless experience. Personal Information (PII) of the customer is processed securely following GDPR principles.

Authentication Everywhere

SCA is now a requirement. In Europe, it is a regulation under PSD2 which comes into force on the 31st of December 2020 for
online payments / E-commerce.

From setting up a new payee or when a customer is making a risky transaction or using their credit card (e.g. to pay for an airline ticket), financial organizations are required to authenticate customers using SCA. FaceAuthMeTM provides a one-stop, seamless authentication experience for all of these authentication needs.

Customer Service

faster customer authentication and self-service options for some tasks i.e. password reset, lost cards


Risky/High-Value Transactions

provides a layer of security for key transactions

New Payee Setup

better customer experience when setting up new payees


more secure, faster and less friction when buying online

Upselling Products

speeds up the process with less friction and effort for the customer


Digital Commerce
Customer Experience

Intuitive, convenient and low friction authentication customer experience
Here we have the main process Customer Flow and we also offer two options for authentication when FaceAuthMeTM is first used

Whilst FaceAuthMeTM uses secure device binding technology, there is no need to use possession factors, such as SMS, for an existing customer of FaceAuthMeTM. Device binding brings a powerful method to identify trusted devices whilst providing two factors for authentication.

Traditional OTP based authentication is popular. FaceAuthMeTM can be integrated seamlessly to the ACS screens, hence the OTP screen itself can be used whilst additional authentication can be provided with facial biometrics

A new customer to FaceAuthMeTM will be sent an SMS with a secure URL where the customer will be redirected to the FaceAuthMeTM service. Whilst SMS provides the “Possession” factor, facial biometrics provides inherence and thus provides two factors of authentication

Authentication Now &
For the Future

FaceAuthMeTM provides a better alternative to customer passwords/PIN or
knowledge-based question solutions. Other key benefits are:

  • Provides Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)
  • Easy to use, low friction and secure
  • Works on any device
  • No software/app download needed
  • Easy integration/implementation
  • Supports multiple authentication scenarios
  • Supports PSD2/GDPR

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