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    Our Client

    Back in 2009 we were invited by a United States-based leader of providing workforce management and analytics applications for the credit union and retail banking industry; to prepare its integrated Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) suite of applications in staff scheduling, performance analytics, lobby tracking, and appointment scheduling for the next phase of growth.


    Back in 2009, a large number of banks and credit unions were using this suite of applications extensively across hundreds of branches for staffing and scheduling. In addition, the solution also delivered valuable insights and benchmarked banks and branches across a set of key performance metrics. However, this was amidst many limitations.
    • Legacy software components of the product were fast becoming obsolete and outdated. As a result, changes to business processes were too complex, difficult, and costly to implement and maintain.
    • This led to numerous delays in implementing go to market plans as the time spent on delivering new functional and nonfunctional benefits significantly increased due to design constraints and technical limitations.
    • At the end of the month, financial institutes received digital and hard copies of MIS reports. However, the partially automated report generation process heavily dependent on human intervention and created more bottlenecks for the business as it attempted to scale for increasing demand.
    • The product suite also had minimal capabilities to integrate with external applications for further collaboration and business integration.

    How We Helped

    Between 2009 and 2017, starting with the lobby tracking application we gradually introduced business process reengineering and technology upgrades one application after the other.

    Over these years, banks and credit unions received several versions of the new products with significant user experience and functionality improvements.

    Simplified operations and increased automation improved the overall user experience across all applications. Latest stable and mature technologies replaced legacy technologies that ensured the longevity of the investment in the modernization.

    Application modernization focused on supporting heightened performance expectations from banks and credit unions. Decoupled applications improved maintainability and the many APIs Improved integration and interoperability with other applications.

    The product team opted for agile methodologies as part of the product engineering process enhancement. Project deliveries became incremental, consistent and predictable. This helped the sales teams to plan their market development activities better.

    Since 2017, the focus is to introduce further design and architectural upgrades to cater to Tier 1 financial services organizations and improve further interoperability with the rest of the cloud based HCM offerings of the company.

    Impact of Our Work

    With the introduction of agile methodologies, the team delivers 3 to 4 production cycles of the product suite each year. Each cycle consists of a collection of functional and nonfunctional enhancements. Time to market for new product upgrades have reduced from years to months.

    All customers who were on the legacy applications moved onto the new SaaS based suite of applications with better productivity and user experience.

    The suite of applications are already being prepared to serve large Tier 1 financial institutes. As the first step, the product is going through a series of design and architecture improvements demanded by a large financial services corporation with 2,400 branches. Almost 100 banks and credit unions use the current suite of SaaS applications. Thousands of employees of these organizations receive their daily work schedules and supports thousands of customers using the productivity suite.

    In 2018 alone, the SaaS product added 462 branches to its network out of which 116 were to existing clients.

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