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Delivering business agility to a US Tier 1 retail icon with Remote Monitoring & Management

Remote Monitoring, Management and IoT Sase Study

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    Our Client

    One of the most prominent Tier 1 retailers in the United States with stores in over more than 45 states.


    Multiple vendor specific monitoring systems

    The retailer having purchased almost 5,100 digital kiosks from Motorola and HHP, had to adopt a different device management platforms for each vendor. However this was deemed impractical due to the overheads in training the support staff on multiple systems and costs involved. Hence a vendor neutral single unified system was preferred to manage all these devices.

    Limited compatibility and interchangeability

    As part of ongoing store digitization efforts, electronic signage were being piloted in stores for price and promotion display purposes. As many as 6000 low power electronic signs (Electrophoretic Displays) from several vendors were deployed in 4 stores for evaluation. Lack of standardization in this space meant very little interoperability and compatibility among proprietary signage systems and vendors.

    Lack of proactive issue identification and troubleshooting

    The next challenge was to ensure proper management and accountability for 65,000, Motorola MC3090, MC3190, MC3190Z and MC3290 handheld inventory management devices. These devices from time to time were shipped from stores to service centers for repairs and service centers returned as many as 70% of these devices as “No Problem Found”. The business badly needed proactive detection of devices with actual issues and put a stop to the wasteful practices disrupting business and incurring expenses.

    How We Helped

    Freedom for better compatibility and interchangeability

    MATRIX24x7 helped the business to overcome the challenges of multiple Kiosk systems and handheld inventory management devices with a unified approach to monitoring, managing and troubleshooting. Users had just one system to go instead of multiple systems. In doing so, the business was able to benefit from products from multiple vendors while reducing the ill effects of vendor lock in.

    Real time proactive management

    MATRIX24x7 in near real time monitors device vitals such as CPU, RAM, Storage and Battery to assist in proactive management of these business critical digital assets.

    Proactive monitoring

    Each year, it is estimated that MATRIX24x7 helps the business to save more than 1000 support hours with proactive monitoring and troubleshooting of this device fleet.

    Remote troubleshooting

    In a classic case of remote troubleshooting, MATRIX24x7 was once required to perform a firmware update on a group of 16,000 handheld inventory management devices. These devices were affected by an erroneous firmware update which would typically require a trip to the service center. However, the business created a logical grouping (a ‘community’ in MATRIX24x7) of these troubled devices and performed a remote firmware update of devices reducing business impact due to device unavailability.

    Quickly adapt to the evolving needs of the business

    Adapting MATRIX24x7 into a technology and vendor independent Electronic Signage Management Solution within 3 months is a case in point in delivering retail innovation with agility, stability and speed.

    Impact of Our Work

    A single system manages a fleet of 65,000 handheld inventory management devices from Motorola and digital kiosks from Motorola and HHP

    Subsequently, when the client decided to implement electronic signage to display price and promotional information, the same product was seamlessly extended to meet the demands of the new tech assets

    Technology leadership enjoyed unparalleled freedom to continuously innovate and reimagine customer experience with little impact to existing operations and digital infrastructure

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