101: Bluetooth in a Nutshell

Hello everyone, so this is going to be the last episode of the 1st series of ZoneCast. This present collection of episodes primarily tried to cover the basics of most talked about and buzzing technologies today. In Series 2, we are going a bit further and tackle pressing issues and implications of various technologies in a real world context. We are currently in pre-production of the 2nd series and we’ll inform you on a premiere date as soon as we have one.

So back to today’s episode, it is all about Bluetooth communication protocol. Our hosts, Isuru and Deshal are joined by Kasun Rathnapala, where they cover topics starting from the evolution of Bluetooth to comparisons between Classic vs Smart Bluetooth. They also look at practical applications of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) before talking about how beginners can start developing using Bluetooth. The alternatives to Bluetooth and its future are also touched upon.

Listen to the final episode of the 1st series here:

Discussion Breakdown

What is Bluetooth? – 0:49 | Why is it called Bluetooth? – 1:28 | Why is Bluetooth everywhere? – 2:47 | Evolution of Bluetooth over the years – 4:43 | Identifying a specific device when there’s a common protocol – 6:20 | Difference between BLE and classic Bluetooth protocols and  the practical uses – 7:33 | Alternatives to Bluetooth – 11:37 | Getting started on a Bluetooth application – 16:19 | Future of Bluetooth – 19:37

Kasun Rathnapala

Associate Tech Lead

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