At the Gates of UI and UX Design

This week in ZoneCast

We are scratching the surface of User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design. Our hosts Umaya and Lasitha are joined by Michael and Dhammika, who are Lead UI Engineers at Zone24x7. They start by unraveling the often most interchangeably used terms in design, UI and UX and where Customer Experience fits in this puzzle. We dig into the basics for any listeners out there, who are new to the subject with examples. From there, we explore the UI Engineer’s role in all this and how teams ensure good UX in the process.

This is neatly packaged episode that delivers a quick crash course on the basics of UI and UX design. Listen below:

Discussion Breakdown

UI and UX at Zone24x7 – 00:44

UX and the difference between UI and UX – 01:12

UX and its applications beyond Software Engineering – 02:21

Where Customer Experience fits in – 04:14

UI Engineer’s role in UX – 06:25

Examples for good UX – 09:16

Future UX trends – 10:34

Michael Lu was Lead UI Engineer at Zone24x7 and you can follow him in Behance.

Dhammika Gunaratne was Lead UI Engineer at Zone24x7 and you can follow him on LinkedIn.

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