Big Data &
Data Science

Client challenges

  • 1

    Unawareness of Big Data and Data Science capabilities and potential use cases in the respective domain to drive business growth.

  • 2

    How to integrate data and analytics to the core business functions for scalable, effective and efficient processing.

  • 3

    Scattered enterprise data and data sources and the inability to maintain scalable storages.

  • 4

    Lack of expertise in scalable, effective and efficient processing, data pipelining and ETL.

  • 5

    Converting data into meaningful insights and the derth in expertise to visualize insights.

  • 6

    High cost of commercial tools, inflexible and expensive customizations and slow productionalization of data and analytics solutions.

How we help our clients

We start with Big Data discovery to identify real world case studies through awareness sessions conducted by our tech & business teams. More focussed sessions are initiated by our Business Analysts to help clients discover where Big Data can be beneficial for them.

Potential high value generating use cases are derived and prioritized in collaboration with client domain experts. We then move on to a rapid prototyping phase to demo the applicability of Big Data for your high valued use cases.

Our Big Data architects will put together the blueprints for your solution adhering to proven enterprise design standards and leading edge Big Data tools and technologies. We work with clients to develop a tailored project roadmap and plan for their Big Data enablement, catering to unique budget and timeline requirements.

Consistent and continuous incremental development cycles would then take place to inline with the plan. Big Data DevOps teams assist our clients in setting up the entire infrastructure either on-premise or with your cloud service provider of choice. We would also furnish hardware acquisition guidelines to support the solution.

Our solutions are meant to serve our clients for many years and throughout those years we support them for maintenance and feature enhancements. We are a fast moving Big Data solutions team always venturing into the bleeding edge technology disruptions in the space of Big Data and we will continue to rapidly consult our clients to enable next level business value through our ever evolving Big Data innovations.

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How our clients benefit

  1. Ours is a highly experienced agile team who have successfully delivered tailor made solutions which has delivered immediate ROI.
  2. Hold a proven track record with fortune 500 clients in providing enterprise grade Big Data and Data Science solutions meeting high performance, scalability and uptime demands.
  3. Expertise in wide range of open source and commercial big data and data science tools & technologies which offers an unmatched level of flexibility in putting together the best possible solution to meet client needs.

Technology Map

Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS/SCSS(styling language), Scala, Go, Python, R
Front -end Frameworks
Angular, React, Bootstrap
Middle-tier frameworks
Play framework
Data Access Technologies
Ebeans, JDBC
Middle-tier technologies
Drools, Guava, Redis
Data Stores
BigTable, HBase, Hive, Snowflake, Neo4J, ElasticSearch, MySQL, Redis, Kafka, Google Cloud Storage
Visualization Technologies
Tableau, SuperSet, Grafana, Power BI
Enterprise Integration Technologies
Jenkins, Tonomi
ETL Technologies
Alooma, NiFi
GCP, AWS, Microsoft Azure
Data Science Platforms
KNIME, RapidMiner, Azure Machine Learning, SageMaker
Machine Learning Tools
Data Robot,, Spark MLib, AutoML, OpenNLP, Scikit-Learn, Mahout
Deep Learning Frameworks
TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, AutoKeras
Container Orchestration
Service Discovery | Service Configuration
Hashicorp Consul
Secret Management
Hashicorp Vault

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