A Perfect Getaway To Find Inner Peace

“If you ever need a break, get on a motorcycle and take a long ride without worrying about the destination”. I experienced the true meaning of ‘throwing caution to the wind’ when I decided on a road trip on my motorcycle. 

12 months have passed and we have arrived at my favorite month of the year – December, in the year of 2021. We’ve been working continuously and the recent pandemic has forced us to stay indoors and avoid any public places for our own protection. But, are we designed to be staying at the same place for such a long time? I definitely am not!

Since late 2018 I have developed a passion for motorcycles, not for the usual kind that we see on the road every day but for the ones that are deemed old and considered classics. I never expected to own a motorcycle in my life but later ended up owning a few and that’s a different story. However, this story is going to be around my passion for riding and finding inner peace. I’ve been eagerly waiting to get a little break from all the work and busy things in life.

One fine evening one of my friends and I decided to take a road trip on our motorcycles and we agreed without any hesitation. I had recently upgraded my scooter from a 2 stroke version to a newer 4 stroke version (well, if you don’t understand what that means, please Google it) and I have been waiting for a long ride on it. All the excitement aside, my new scooter decided to give up on me one week before the date we had planned to start our grand road trip. Fast forward, after spending a lot of time, effort, and of course money, the scooter was repaired just two days before the set date.

On December 6th at around 4.30 AM, we started our journey towards the southernmost part of Sri Lanka on our motorcycles. The journey along the coastal Galle Road towards Matara was remarkable as we passed famous towns Kalutara, Beruwala, Balapitiya, Ambalangoda, and of course the vibrant Hikkaduwa. (a.k.a Hikka) After a quick ride inside the Galle Fort (See the pic below) we arrived at our destination for the day – Weligama Matara, and it was our first night on the road trip and we had no idea on the next destination. In the evening we rode towards Dondra to see the famous lighthouse but unfortunately, it was off-limits due to Covid-19.

Early in the morning the next day we decided to travel further towards the eastern side and ended up arriving in Hambantota after enjoying some beautiful scenery and straight roads on the way. I must tell you those roads are amazing and comfortable to ride for hours. After spending the night in Hambantota we set off towards Tissamaharama and then arrived at Thanamalvila town. The sensation I had throughout the ride was breathtaking and I have no words to explain the feeling of freedom and joy I was having.

We arrived at Thanamalvila by 10.00 AM on the 3rd day and we enjoyed the long route to Udawalawe. From there we had already passed closer to 100km during that day. As soon as we arrived at Udawalawe we quickly decided to enjoy the must-do “Safari Tour” where we spent another 3 to 4 hours in the wilderness. It was a perfect day to remember, so many hours riding on some of the best tarmacs and finally in a jungle safari. On the fourth day, we started our journey back home and after 5 – 6 hours we were back at home to our usual busy lives. Throughout the four-day road trip, we had covered more than 600kms on our small motorcycles and we had gathered experiences and moments that were worth a lifetime.

In life, we never get to enjoy everything that we dream of, but, when you get the opportunity to experience something that is unique and memorable don’t think twice, just go for it. The scenery I enjoyed with my own eyes during this ride will always be there for me to remember. (Of course, the pictures that I took, I am going to post some here for you).

Go out, enjoy the moment while it lasts. I am eagerly waiting for the next break so I can get back on the road once again. Why don’t you take on the challenge and join me? 🙂

Thivanka Vithanage

Senior Executive – Marketing